3D to 2D

Axdea 3D

3D to 2D Guide

With Axdea, you can easily produce a 2D drawing from the 3D models.

Step 1: Create a building with the Architecture Workbench. At the Axdea Start Page, you can use the sample project.

Step 2: Select Building from the Tree View and press the Section Plane button. Modify the properties (Display Height, Display Length and Placement) so that the Section Plane location will cut through the building as follows:-

Step 3: Then change your workbench to Drawing Workbench

Step 3: Press the New Drawing button to create a new drawing sheet.

Step 4: Press the Draw View button to insert the building view into the drawing.

Step 5: Modify the properties until it suit your preference:-

The result:-

Step 6: You can then select for Print or export to SVG or DXF.