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TiffinBIM ArCADia

The Wait is Over. Introducing the latest TiffinBIM.​

You need CAD or BIM licenses but budget is limited? PC too slow? No more reasons as we have the solutions for your problems.  Affordable CAD/BIM software for everyone.

Affordable, Compatible, Perpetual, Lightweight.

Perfect for your BIM office set-up. Great for both SMEs and larger corporations.

Backed by our European partner, together we have assembled a suite that contains all the required tools that form a great yet affordable BIM software. This special edition is suited for the regional market and exclusively available from us. We are offering it in a package called TiffinBIM ArCADia and its components – the additional overlays (vertical programs) for various disciplines:

TiffinBIM M&E 1, TiffinBIM M&E 2 and TiffinBIM Structure   

TiffinBIM Surveyor (coming soon)

This affordable BIM solution supports the creation of more BIM users (professionals and students) in the industry. With its simplified User Interface, it also encourages more new users of both 2D and 3D CAD.


Can be used to support other solutions - Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Nemestchek Allplan, IntelliCAD, Draftsight
Rich specs with minimal system requirement
Incorporating IFC Engine: The program enables the user to import IFC files (e.g. from Revit and ArchiCAD) to our BIM system as well as to export a design along with the installations and networks, in the IFC format.
Built-in 3-D Viewer: Allows to view the building with selected textures or colours of layers, to glaze a chosen line of elements (electrical, sewage, gas, etc.) to make the project clearer. The project can be viewed in three modes: orbit mode, flight mode and walk mode.
Free Text Reader: RTF file browser that opens automatically while exporting a file in the RTF form. It has the ability to edit lists, print, enter raster images and saves to the RFT, DOC, DOCX, PDF and TXT formats.
TiffinBIM M&E 1: Water - The program can be used to create professional technical documents of internal water supply systems in a building. It allows the object-oriented insertion of drawing elements including the creation of design diagrams as well as the generation of projections and bills of materials.
TiffinBIM M&E 1: Electrical - The program can be used to create the documents of internal low-voltage electrical systems. It is intended for designers of electrical and power equipment systems. The program can also be used to generate the bill of materials used in a design, as well as the performance of verifications and the calculations necessary for designing.
TiffinBIM M&E 2: Sewage - The program is intended for designers of internal drained waste water. It includes the functions to locate offsets (penetrations under floors) and riser connection methods. Connections of devices to risers can also be designed and the hydraulic loads can be defined on that basis, which in turn enables the riser diameter to be determined.
TiffinBIM M&E 2: Gas - The program enables the object-oriented creation of drawings of internal gas systems and the generation of calculation diagrams. It performs the calculations necessary for verification of the correct design of a system (verification of correct diameters, pressure drop range upstream gas appliances) and the creation of a professional technical report.
TiffinBIM Structure: Column - The application is designed for structural designers and is an object-based application which uses 2D data entered by the user (in the form of views and sections) to generate a 3D model of column reinforcement which may be freely modified. The element reinforcement design is based on EN 1992-1-1 Eurocode 2: September 2008.
TiffinBIM Structure: Slab - A structural program, which creates a spatial model of the slab’s reinforcement, allows further editing and, for example, automatic creation of new slab cross-sections, based on the data entered by the user, in the form of views of the slab’s top and bottom reinforcement plates and the element’s cross-sections. It is based on the guidelines specified in the EN 1992-1-1 Eurocode 2: September 2008.
TiffinBIm Surveyor
TiffinBIM Surveyor - Coming Soon in 2019 - It allows wireless collection of data from electronic measuring devices using Bluetooth technology and their direct insertion in the BIM system for preparation of 3D drawings. It is compatible with the following electronic measuring devices: • Leica DISTO A6, • Leica DISTO D8 • Leica DISTO D3a BT • Leica DISTO D510 BT (only for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) • Leica DISTO D810 BT (only for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) • Bosch: Professional GLM 100C.

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