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Mobile applications

We are sure that you have enjoyed our Android-based applications that were released under different brands before this.

Now we are honoured to announce that we have rebranded the apps under the new Innovacia Mobile brand with more new consumer and enterprise apps on the way.


Check out our "Innovacia Mobile" store on Google Play today.









Would you like to learn how to develop Android-based applications?

Backed by our vast experience in developing applications, we are offering you specialised training packages.

Of course it is affordable too!



Customised application development

Release your own mobile applications that are developed professionally by us.

For government departments, companies and NGOs.

Reach your stakeholders and customers better by having your own app.

The future is mobile; don't be left behind. Outsource it to us and we will perfect it for you.




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Some of our featured mobile applications

TiffinCAD Jr.


Phone Locator

Phone Tracker

Ezi Call Recorder

Kelantan FM

TiffinCAD Junior


TiffinCAD Junior is a fun tool for kids to learn writing, drawing and colouring. It has adjustable tracing functions for alphabets, numbers, shapes, objects plus a doodle zone to enhance their creativity. This app is also equipped with a pronunciation guide.


It is being developed as an early introduction to the concept of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and its usages in engineering, art & design and architecture. The drawing canvas comes with grids to emulate a CAD environment.


Learn more and download the app at our Google Play Store.


AES & Traffic CCTV


Malaysia Traffic Application:

1. AES Detector

The app will warn you when you are driving within the AES radius. We've included the 14 locations which have been disclosed earlier and you can add more locations into the database after the authority has finished all the installation. If the authority change the locations, you can also change it in the app database.


2. Traffic CCTV

Malaysia traffic CCTV application. This traffic CCTV app is only applicable for Malaysia. Avoid getting stuck and wasting your time and money in traffic-jam.

Plan your traveling or "balik kampung" journey in Malaysia using this app. By using the CCTVs you can view whether the traffic is clear or congested or if there is any accident.


Learn more and download the app at our Google Play Store.




Phone Locator & SIM Detector


Phone locator, tracker and SIM card detector..

Lost your phone? Or want to track your love ones' where-about? Use this app.


What the app can do

1. Track your phone location using SMS.

2. Detect SIM card change, if your phone is stolen.


Learn more and download the app at our Google Play Store.

Phone Tracker & SIM Monitor


SEN3 application for phone tracker. Phone locator. Phone finder. Phone lost or misplaced finder. SIM card change monitor. Phone remote ringer or locator.


This app is suitable for phone lost either by misplaced or theft. Equip your expensive smartphone with this affordable and useful tool for emergency.

This app can perform the followings:-

1. Locate or track your phone by SMS or via Web

2. Monitor SIM card change

3. Perform remote task via web


Learn more and purchase the app at our Google Play Store.

Ezi Call Recorder


Call recorder application to record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. All calls will be automatically recorded once activated.

Ezi Call Recorder uses a simple one-click button to Activate or Deactivate the call recording function. No complicated technical setting. We make it easy and simple for non-technical users.


***Uninstall the Free Version before you get this Full Version to avoid any conflict during recordings.***



Learn more and purchase the app at our Google Play Store.

Radio Malaysia Kelantan FM


Kelantan FM atau RTM Kelantan merupakan sebuah stesen radio di Malaysia yang bertanggungjawab menyediakan perkhidmatan penyiaran dan penyebaran maklumat untuk mewujudkan masyarakat yang harmonis, maju dan bersepadu selaras dengan wawasan negara.


Di Kelantan FM, kami mengotakan slogan "Penuhi Cita rasa Anda", dengan mengorak langkah seiringan dengan ledakan teknologi dan citarasa terkini apabila kami menyediakan perkhidmatan untuk pengguna peranti Android.


Learn more and download the app at our Google Play Store.

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