The Wait is Over. Introducing TiffinBIM.


Innovacia is proud to introduce TiffinBIM that contains the innovative functions of TiffinCAD but with a simplified Ribbon User Interface and drawing settings.


We are offering it in an affordable package called TiffinBIM ArCADia Start with Architectura.

In the near future we will offer more additional overlays (vertical programs) for various disciplines to complement it.


This affordable BIM solution supports the creation of more BIM users (professionals and students) in the industry.

With its simplified User Interface, it also encourages more new users of both 2 - D and 3 - D CAD.


Coming soon:

1. Additional Overlays:

    Various TiffinTOOLS, Escape Routes, Electrics, Distribution Boards, Telecommunication, Water, Sewerage, Surveyor, Gas

    and Construction (Structural).

2. Malaysian Standards in 3 - D Object Explorer.










Three easy steps to liberate you:

1. Visit our Downloads area and get your full-functioned trial package

2. Test & compare

3. Order directly from us or purchase from , or GHX (GHX - TiffinBIM for TiffinBIM

    ArCADia Start with Architectura)







TiffinBIM ArCADia Start with Architectura:

RM3,388 / license

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