New and Improved TiffinCAD ArCADia Suite: Affordable, lightweight, full-fledged CAD software with BIM functions.


On top of the basic CAD functions, easily create drawings with the modular grids, wall, column, window, door, ceiling, stairs, etc insertion functions.


Increase productivity with the room list creator, 3 - D preview and object explorer that contains 3 - D components (generic) and 2 - D symbols (standard components for IBS by JKR / CIDB, MC (MS1064), MS2522 (CAD Symbols for construction) and SYABAS). Also tools to show, report and remove clashes. Suitable for both technical professionals and students.











Utilising powerful CAD engine and enhanced with BIM functions

The new and improved suite is using ArCADia as the base platform which is enhanced with innovative BIM tools highlighted earlier.

Users can also opt to add the Architectura overlay to include more BIM functions: rounded wall, winding stairs, ramp, roof, pad footing, strip footing, cross section, material database editor, import/export to IFC files etc.


Rich with free and regularly updated additional tools

Your productivity will be increased with the free add-on tools: TiffinTOOLS-Base (drawing short cuts), TiffinTOOLS-IBS (IBS Score / IBS Calculator software), TiffinDATA (product/service database) and database that includes symbols for C&S, M&E, Architecture and even fashion industry. Yes, you can find design templates for shirt, baju kurung, cheongsam and kurta here!


Liberation from unnecessary expensive investments

TiffinCAD ArCADia suite is 90% cheaper than the competitor. We do not charge annual fees either; why should we?

You can then channel the savings in creating more business opportunity for you and benefits for members of your organisations.



Three easy steps to liberate you:

1. Visit our Downloads area and get your full-functioned trial package

2. Test & compare

3. Order directly from us or purchase from , or GHX (GHX - TiffinSuite for

    TiffinCAD ArCADia Suite and GHX - TiffinSuiteArch for TifinCAD ArCADia Suite with Architectura)



TiffinCAD Arcadia















Drawing converter function

Malaysian Standards Library

BIM Ready Functions

3D Preview of created drawing using BIM functions

*** BONUS : Fashion Templates (available for download from our Download page.












Get Area feature to calculate the area and perimetre of an area. Also, automatically converts an area to the desired unit.

Layer management tool. Useful in hiding or viewing certain details regardless of details' location (layer) when it was created.

Change text height. Useful when changing multiple texts regardless of text location (layer).












***TiffinTOOLS - IBS is currently undergoing updates. Latest files will be available from our download page.***

TiffinTOOLS - IBS Structural System Marking.

User is required to determine the structural system and mark the area. The marked area will then be marked in the drawing.

TiffinTOOLS - IBS Other Simplified Construction Solutions.

Calculate and retrieve the IBS Score.

IBS Score / IBS Calculator Summary.

A detailed summary that lets users view, print, insert or 'stamp' the results into drawing.












List of companies that subscribed to our TiffinDATA service. Various companies providing various products and services catered from home users to industrial and professional companies or organizations.

Each subscribed companies are allocated 20 blocks. Each block contains 5 sub - blocks. Companies can showcase their products either images or technical drawing and text description. Images and text can be inserted into TiffinCAD and AutoCAD.

TiffinCAD ArCADia Suite:

RM2,388 / license

TiffinCAD ArCADia Suite with Architectura:

RM3,388 / license

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