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Precast Concrete Design Workshop Part 1 & Part 2 Precast Design Using Software

Precast Concrete Design Workshop (Part 1 & Part 2)

Part 1: The training course will cover principles and considerations in designing for precast concrete construction: structural forms, load paths, structural stability, progressive collapse, designs of precast concrete components (hollow core slabs, precast pre-stressed planks, precast concrete beams, walls, columns etc) and designs of precast joints and connections. The course provides an exclusive hands-on training for all who wish to develop in-depth knowledge on precast concrete design methods. The participants will return for Part 2 after two weeks’ time of preparation.

Part 2: The second part of this precast concrete design series is the application of Part 1 design knowledge in real building projects chosen by the participants. The participants will perform structural scheming in precast concrete construction, carry out building stability analysis, design of precast concrete members and their connections. The participants will be required to present their designs and receive feedbacks for improvement in this interactive workshop. Pre-requisite: Attendance of Precast Concrete Design Workshop Part 1.

Precast Concrete Design Using Software

This training covers basic concept in executing precast concrete design by using Excel sheets and element design software based on British Standard (BS) design code. This training will cover on how to convert architectural plan to precast layout plan in a most effective way. Participants will be guided in performing analysis and scheming of precast concrete elements. Component design such as for precast slab, precast concrete beam & precast walls or columns are covered in the session. Computers are provided for usage during training.


For further details, download our Precast Design Workshop brochure, Precast Design Using Software brochure, training calendar or contact us.

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