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IBS 11 – IBS Professional Module: Making Construction Green With IBS & Other IR 4.0 Solutions (2 days)

08/12/2020 – 09/12/2020 all-day
Innovacia Training Centre
Unit B2-13-1
Level 1, Space U8 Eco Mall, Persiaran Pasak Bumi, 40150 Shah Alam
+6012-305 8086

IBS11 (2 days)
Making Construction Green with IBS & Other IR4.0 Solutions
Menjadikan Pembinaan Hijau melalui IBS dan Penyelesaian IR4.0

IBS11 is the compact version of the IBS01 Professional Module and contains almost similar topics as the latter. In addition to Industrialised Building System ( or prefabrication, Modular Coordination ( and IBS Score focus is also given in highlighting the green benefits of off site construction. The various IR4.0 solutions such as Building Information Modelling ( beacon based IoT system s VR/AR in construction among many others are also pres ented. This compact 2 day training is suitable for developers, government departments, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, transporters/lifters and others with technical involvement in construction. NEW MODULE.

You can register for the course by registering online using the Online Registration Form (via Google Docs) or download our offline registration form.

Objectives/Benefits of Training
1. Gaining information on latest and trending topics from an established training provider;
2. Sharing of experience among fellow participants and our subject matter experts (SMEs); and
3. Business networking among the best brains in the industry.

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Notes, Certificate, CCD Points (tba) : Provided