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Industrialised Building System (IBS) &
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Training Modules

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IBS11 (2 Days)
IBS Professional Module : Making Construction Green With IBS & Other IR 4.0 Solutions.
Menjadikan Pembinaan Hijau melalui IBS dan Penyelesaian IR4.0


IBS11 is the compact version of the IBS 01 Professional Module and contains almost similar topics as the latter. In
addition to Industrialised Building System (IBS ) or prefabrication, Modular Coordination (MC) and IBS Score focus is also given in highlighting the green benefits of off site construction. The various IR4.0 solutions such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), beacon based IoT systems , VR/AR in construction among many others are also presented.

This compact 2 day training is suitable for developers, government departments, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, transporters/lifters and others with technical involvement in construction.

Download IBS 101– An introduction reference to IBS and for those who wish to enroll in our IBS courses.

IBS01 (3 days) – ***TBA by CIDB**
CIDB IBS Professional Module
Modul Profesional IBS CIDB

*NOTE : Course will start once we receive confirmation from CIDB*

IBS involves construction of buildings based on manufactures products. Usage of IBS promotes productivity, greener construction and a more sustainable world. This 3-day training includes discussion on benefits/issues, history, CITP 2016 2020, policy/incentives, latest information on the compulsory usage for government/privates projects as well as various opportunities in the industry. Incorporating knowledge in BIM this training also cover hands-on IBS Score calculation, scoring strategies and also design concept of precast concrete system, factory and site operations.

An essential training for developers, government departments, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, transporters/lifters and others with technical involvement in construction.

IBS02 (Part 1: 3 days / Part 2: 2 days)
Precast Concrete Design Workshop
Bengkel Rekabentuk Konkrit Pratuang

Part 1: The training course will cover principles and considerations in designing for precast concrete construction: structural forms, load paths, structural stability, progressive collapse, designs of precast concrete components (hollow core slabs, precast pre-stressed planks, precast concrete beams, walls, columns etc) and designs of precast joints and connections The participants will return for Part 2 after two weeks’ time of preparation.

Part 2:
The second part of this precast concrete design series is the application of Part 1 design knowledge in real building projects chosen by the participants. Pre-requisite: Attendance of Precast Concrete Design Workshop Part 1. The participants will perform structural scheming in precast concrete construction, carry out building stability analysis, design of precast concrete members and their connections. The participants will be required to present their designs and receive feedbacks for improvement in this interactive workshop.

The course provides an exclusive hands-on training for all who wish to develop in-depth knowledge on precast concrete design methods and as a “How to Execute” advisory session for those who are currently involved in projects.

IBS03 (1 day)
Precast Concrete Technology Selection for Clients/Developers and Consultants
Pemilihan Teknologi Konkrit Pratuang untuk Klien/Pemaju dan Perunding

With IBS being made compulsory to private projects, the usage of precast concrete, being the most popular IBS type in Malaysia is expected to surge. This training covers suitability of precast construction including when to use precast concrete and advantages as well as its limitations. Preliminary design considerations including selection of structural precast system is covered. Focus will be given to technology selection covering the basic and latest manufacturing facilities and its ancillary items. Case studies include for apartment buildings, car parks, industrial buildings and offices. 

This training is suited for both private and government clients and their consultants that want to be ready with knowledge on the precast technology selection. NEW MODULE.

IBS04 (1 day)
IBS Shop Drawings Using CAD/BIM
Lukisan Kerja IBS Menggunakan CAD/BIM

A major component in successful IBS projects is the production of shop drawings. It covers the process of creating good IBS shop drawings using CAD/BIM software; covering all important items to be included in shop drawings for proper IBS project execution. Please bring your own computer. Free 28-day trial CAD/BIM software will be provided. 

Suitable for everyone using and producing shop drawings.

IBS05 (1 day)
IBS Score Submission Using BIM
Serahan Skor IBS Menggunakan BIM

CIS 18: 2018 provides up to 6 IBS Score points for any submission that is using BIM model. This training is for IBS Score calculation and submission based on BIM software. Also, incorporating possible links to database, project management portal and mobile apps. Please bring your own computer. Free 30-day trial CAD/BIM software will be provided.

For all involved in IBS Score calculations and submissions. Knowledge in CIS 18: 2018 is pre-requisite. 

BIM01 (3 days)
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Made Simple
Pemodelan Maklumat Bangunan (BIM) Dipermudah 

BIM is a major IR4.0 solution and it helps to improve and transform the traditional processes in construction projects and manufactured products. Usage of 3-d CAD models with information promotes productivity and quality in construction. BIM concept and theory as well as discussions on the benefits, opportunities and linkage with other major Malaysian and regional IR4.0 initiatives such as IBS will be covered. It is followed with hands-on architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical vertical applications. Project collaboration and coordination will be explored, including clash analysis. BIM Execution Plan (BEP) will be discussed as well as BIM for costing purposes. 

The training is concluded with a theory and practical test. Please bring your own computer. Free 30-day trial CAD/BIM software will be provided. An affordable and a generic BIM training for all. NEW MODULE.

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