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Industrialised Building System (IBS) &
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Training Modules

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IBS11 (2 Days)
IBS Professional Module : Making Construction Green With IBS & Other IR 4.0 Solutions.
Menjadikan Pembinaan Hijau melalui IBS dan Penyelesaian IR4.0

IBS11 is the compact version of the IBS 01 Professional Module and contains almost similar topics as the latter. In
addition to Industrialised Building System (IBS ) or prefabrication, Modular Coordination (MC) and IBS Score focus is also given in highlighting the green benefits of off site construction. The various IR4.0 solutions such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), beacon based IoT systems , VR/AR in construction among many others are also presented.

This compact 2 day training is suitable for developers, government departments, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, transporters/lifters and others with technical involvement in construction.

IBS03 (1 day)
IBS Technology Selection for Clients – Developers & Project Personnel
Pemilihan Teknologi IBS untuk Klien – Pemaju dan Kakitangan Projek

Covid-19 and the recent announcement on compulsory usage of IBS in private projects brings greater demand for IBS systems particularly precast concrete solutions. Selecting the suitable technology and approach in executing IBS projects is important in ensuring the best return on investment to the client. How do you start? This one-day course provides information on IBS, IBS Score and related government policies. It covers the various aspects of precast concrete from different structural systems, basic precast building elements, connections, accessories and case studies on the design concept for various types of buildings. Selection of various solutions and related technologies will be discussed covering manufacturing (factory/site casting), logistic & delivery, erection, quality & safety. Sharing of future (towards IR4.0) trends of construction including volumetric modules (PPVC/PBU), BIM and robotics. Challenges in using precast concrete solutions and the topic of mindset change will also be covered in this training.

An essential training for decision makers, financiers, managers, planners, architects, engineers, project personnel and researchers who are working for government clients/private developers and project teams; acquiring knowledge in helping them to select the suitable technology and approach in executing IBS projects utilising precast concrete systems. NEW MODULE.

IBS04 (1 day)
IBS Shop Drawings Using CAD/BIM
Lukisan Kerja IBS Menggunakan CAD/BIM

A major component in successful IBS projects is the production of shop drawings. It covers the process of creating good IBS shop drawings using CAD/BIM software; covering all important items to be included in shop drawings for proper IBS project execution. Please bring your own computer. Free 28-day trial CAD/BIM software will be provided. 

Suitable for everyone using and producing shop drawings.

IBS05 (1 day)
IBS Score Submission Using BIM
Serahan Skor IBS Menggunakan BIM

CIS 18: 2018 provides up to 6 IBS Score points for any submission that is using BIM model. This training is for IBS Score calculation and submission based on BIM software. Also, incorporating possible links to database, project management portal and mobile apps. Please bring your own computer. Free 30-day trial software will be provided.

For all involved in IBS Score calculations and submissions. Knowledge in CIS 18: 2018 is pre-requisite. 

BIM01 (3 days)
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Made Simple
Pemodelan Maklumat Bangunan (BIM) Dipermudah 

BIM is a major IR4.0 solution and it helps to improve and transform the traditional processes in construction projects and manufactured products. Usage of 3-d CAD models with information promotes productivity and quality in construction. BIM concept and theory as well as discussions on the benefits, opportunities and linkage with other major Malaysian and regional IR4.0 initiatives such as IBS will be covered. It is followed with hands-on architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical vertical applications. Project collaboration and coordination will be explored, including clash analysis. BIM Execution Plan (BEP) will be discussed as well as BIM for costing purposes. 

The training is concluded with a theory and practical test. Please bring your own computer. Free 30-day trial CAD/BIM software will be provided. An affordable and a generic BIM training for all. NEW MODULE.

Note: We are also able to deliver customised BIM training based on demand by clients, either using TiffinBIM or Revit.

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