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Industrialised Building System (IBS) &
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Training Modules

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IBS Courses

IBS11 (2 Days)
IBS Professional Module : Making Construction Green With IBS & Other IR 4.0 Solutions.
Menjadikan Pembinaan Hijau melalui IBS dan Penyelesaian IR4.0

Industrialised Building System (or prefabrication, a major IR4.0 element, involves construction of buildings based on manufactured products. Usage of IBS promotes productivity, greener construction and a more sustainable world. This 2 – days training includes discussion on benefits/issues, history, CITP 2016 2020, policy/incentives, latest information on the compulsory usage for government/private projects as well as various opportunities in the industry.

Incorporating knowledge in Building Information Modelling ( and other IR4.0 solutions, this training also cover hands on IBS Score calculation, scoring strategies and al so design concept of precast concrete system, factory and site operations. The training is concluded with a test for the IBS Score Professional Certificate.

IBS03 (1 day)
IBS Technology Selection for Clients – Developers & Project Personnel
Pemilihan Teknologi IBS untuk Klien – Pemaju dan Kakitangan Projek

Covid – 19 and the recent announcement on compulsory usage of IBS in private projects brings greater demand for IBS systems particularly precast concrete solutions. Selecting the suitable technology and approach in executing IBS projects is important in ensuring the bes t return on investment to the client. How do you start?

This one day course provides information on IBS, IBS Score and related government policies. It covers the various aspects of precast concrete from different structural systems, basic precast building elements, connections, accessories and case studies on the design concept for various types of buildings. Selection of various solutions and related technologies will be discussed covering manufacturing (factory/site casting), logistic delivery, erection quality safety. Sharing of future (towards IR4.0) trends of construction including volumetric modules (PPVC/ BIM) and robotics. Challenges in using precast concrete solutions and the topic of mind set change will also be covered in this training.

IBS04 (1 day)
IBS Shop Drawings Using CAD/BIM
Lukisan Kerja IBS Menggunakan CAD/BIM

Shop drawings are major items in any precast concrete construction as manufacturing, installation and future management will rely on these documents. This training covers the process of creating good IBS shop drawings using CAD/BIM software in ensuring successful delivery of IBS projects. Training will include many important things in preparing precast layout plans, slab & wall markings, dimensions & reinforcement shop drawings, vertical & horizontal tie reinfo rcement requirement, lifting hooks, etc., not limiting to basic understanding on what to do with electrical conduits and service pipes before being fabricated into precast slab or wall elements.

Computer will be provided during training.

IBS05 (1 day)
IBS Score Submission Using BIM
Serahan Skor IBS Menggunakan BIM

IBS Score has been made compulsory for government projects since 2008 and, gradually, since 2018 for private projects. Under the latest CIS 18: 2018, up to 6 extra IBS Score will be given in the Part 3 calculations if the IBS Score submission is made using BIM. In addition to that, the government is also moving towards making BIM compulsory for submissions to local authorities in the near future. During this one day training, participants will be exposed to BIM based IBS Score c alculations. Participants will be provided with a temporary license of IBS Revit, a Malaysian made software, which can be used in project submissions.

As a newly built technology, this course is the only one in the market that offers BIM based IBS Score su bmission. This will increase the market value of the participants who are attending. The training is concluded with a test for the IBS Revit Professional Certificate. Knowledge in the latest CIS 18:2018 IBS Score and ability to operate Revit are pre – requisites.

Please contact us for preparatory classes should IBS Score/Revit skills are required.

BIM Courses

BIM01 (3 days)
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Made Simple
Pemodelan Maklumat Bangunan (BIM) Dipermudah 

BIM is a major IR4.0 solution and it helps to improve and transform the traditional processes in construction projects and manufactured products. Usage of 3-d CAD models with information promotes productivity and quality in construction. BIM concept and theory as well as discussions on the benefits, opportunities and linkage with other major Malaysian and regional IR4.0 initiatives such as IBS will be covered. It is followed with hands-on architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical vertical applications. Project collaboration and coordination will be explored, including clash analysis. BIM Execution Plan (BEP) will be discussed as well as BIM for costing purposes. 

The training is concluded with a theory and practical test. Please bring your own computer. Free 30-day trial CAD/BIM software will be provided. An affordable and a generic BIM training for all. NEW MODULE.

Note: We are also able to deliver customised BIM training based on demand by clients, either using TiffinBIM or Revit.

BIM02 (4 days)
Revit Structure + IBS

This 4 – day training starts by revisiting the BIM fundamentals and major functions of Revit Structure. It covers conversion from structural data into BIM models by using the tools, creating and modifying major structural elements and materials, manage the BIM families as well as documentations, views and project management. In supporting the industry to be ready for the compulsory usage of IBS in the Malaysian construction industry, this training is designed to include the required knowledge in producing IBS shop drawings. The training is concluded with a test for the Revit Structure + IBS Professional Certificate.

Please bring your own laptop. Requires Revit Structure Education/Professional edition.

BIM03 (4 days)
TiffinBIM Train the Trainer Program

This is a 4 – day Train the Trainer program for the affordable Malaysian made 2 in 1 CAD/BIM software, TiffinBIM. The contents cover hands on architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical vertical BIM applications. It starts with the software system requirement and set up as well as keyboard and mouse commands and concludes with a theory and practical test. The topics include user interface, inserting architectural, structural, electrical and water supply elements, clash detection, tagging of dimensions, object label and symbol/descriptions, creating elevations and cross sections, material list and costing, exporting as well as using RVT, RFA and IFC files. Also briefly covered is the CAD function of this 2 in 1 CAD/BIM software. The training is concluded with a test for the TiffinBIM Trainer Professional Certificate.

Please bring your own laptop. 28 – day full functional version of TiffinBIM will be provided.

If you have further inquiries, you are most welcome to contact us at / for any information on training including collaborations.