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IR4.0 & Big Data

Industrial Revolution 4.0 & Big Data Training Modules

IR401 (1 day)
Data Prediction and Its Benefits

Ramalan Data dan Kelebihannya

In this IR4.0 era, public and private organisations that possess and able to effectively use their data will have
the extra edge if compared to the competitors. This is an introductory training to the importance and
application of data prediction in our daily work, be it marketing, promotion, sales, bidding and project execution.
Various methods and software will be introduced in this theory session for your industry application. 

This module is developed for all, including staffs and heads of departments and organisations that are interested in
data prediction.

IR402 (1 day)
Using MATLAB for Data Prediction

Ramalan Data Menggunakan MATLAB

This hands-on course teaches participants on how Artificial Neural Network (ANN) works on predicting the
required outputs from certain datasets. Using MATLAB software, the data collection, data normalisation and
eventually the output prediction
 can be carried out by training and validating the dataset. By modifying the ANN
architecture configurations, learning algorithm, ANN training options and parameters, participants will have the
know-how on increasing the output prediction accuracy. Participant will also learn on how to set the percentage of
training and validation data to increase the output accuracy. Please bring your own computer. Free 30-day trial
MATLAB software will be provided. 

An essential training for engineers, analysts, researchers, lecturers and others interested in data prediction. 

IR403 (1 day)
Using Open Source GNU Octave for Engineering Numerical Computations
Pengiraan Berangka untuk Kejuruteraan Menggunakan Sumber Terbuka GNU Octave

This 1 – day course teaches participants on the usage of an open source software, GNU Octave, in performing basic numerical computations for engineering purposes. The participants will be exposed to and experience in using the free alternative to MATLAB. Apart from its structured programming language features, GNU Octave possesses commands interfacing to solve nonlinear and linear numeric problems. The software is also very handy in creating powerful data plots, graphs and charts for numerical data presentations.

An essential training for manufacturers, service providers, researchers, lecturers, and others interested in engineering numerical computations. NEW MODULE.

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