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IR4.0 & Big Data

Industrial Revolution 4.0 & Big Data Training Modules

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IR403 (1 day)
Octave for Engineering Numerical Computations

This course teaches participants on how to use the FREE, open source software and MATLAB like solution called OCTAVE to solve technical computations. Octave is an easy and understandable programming language and a good choice for those who wa nt to learn programming for the first time. Currently, academicians and industries have been using this tool to test and validate their technical ideas before executing the solutions on the ground. Participants will gain significant advantages by learning this programmin g language. You will be guided starting from the Octave installation process.

Coming Soon:
IR404 (1 day) : Mastering Non – Linear Regression on Research Data via Octave
IR405 (4 days) : Hands on Applications of IoT Beacons

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