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PENJANA 1 (7 Days)

Development of New BIM Modelling Provider (Entrepreneur)

The opportunity in BIM is very huge in the Malaysian construction industry as it has gradually been made compulsory for development projects, as stated in the Construction Industry Transformation Prog ram that by 2021, submission of building plans for all city status local authorities will be made in BIM. More BIM usage will require more BIM Modelling service providers to serve the industry. There is a shortage in BIM personnel in the country.

The current COVID pandemic, while providing challenges, including to those in youth category, is also bringing new opportunities due to disruption of supply of foreign personnel. This training aims to produce new BIM Modelling service providers from the youth categ ory to serve the ever growing construction and house renovation market. The participants will be provided with a BIM Business starter kit that comprises of a full license of TiffinBIM, a Malaysian brand BIM software by Innovacia (worth RM5,888), as the aff ordable solution.

PENJANA 2 (7 Days)
IR4.0: Construction Simulation with BIM and VR

The current COVID pandemic brings more challenges for employers to equip their staffs with BIM knowledge and
infrastructure. Without intervention, the gaps will be even mo re. BIM training is among the most sought after skills training in the construction industry, either in Malaysia or globally. This is because, in the IR4.0 era, the worldwide
construction industry is moving towards industrialisation through more usage of c onstruction tech and
ICT/digitalisation for better quality, productivity and safety. 

This training starts with the overall IR4.0 scenario for construction and focusing on Advanced Simulation of construction using BIM and Virtual Reality (VR), aims to produce employees that are trained in BIM. The participants will be provided with a full license of TiffinBIM (worth RM5,888), a Malaysian brand BIM software by Innovacia, as the affordable solution, which they can continue to use after training and supporting the employers in digitalisation. During the training, they will also use a Malaysian BIM VR application that supports collaboration and coordination. CCD and CPD points from various Boards will be applied for the benefits of participants and companies.

PENJANA 3 (7 Days)
Development of e – IBS Score Talent Workers for SME

IBS has also been started to be made compulsory at certain IBS Score for private projects beginning 2018, following the earlier instruction for public projects. This has created demand in I BS usage as well as IBS Score related training. The current Covid pandemic brings more challenges to SMEs to equip their staffs with IBS Score knowledge and infrastructure. Without support in Talent Management related to staffs development in IBS knowledge , more SMEs will be left behind. In this training, knowledge in IBS and IBS Score will be shared.

Besides the manual calculation, the participants will also be exposed with BIM based IBS Score submission, which constitutes a significant point in IBS Score submission. The participants from the SMEs will be equipped with a full license of Malaysian made IBS Revit software, which they can utilise in project submissions thus increasing their productivity and quality of work. Being a recently developed tech, thi s is the only training available that offer BIM based IBS Score submission, in addition to the manual calculations.