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Project Management & Visual Communication

Project Management Training Modules

PM01 (2 days)
Practical Project Management Workshop
Bengkel Pengurusan Projek Praktikal
This hands-on program is focused in providing practical project management skills to working professionals who
are keen to learn and gain in depth knowledge on professional project management practices. The sessions are
enhanced with interesting gamifications and designed to have workshop exercises with industry case studies.
Topics include Managing Project Stakeholders, Threats and Opportunities: Identification, Assessment and
Response, Assimilation of P.M Knowledge Areas, Effective Communication and Project Management Office
Framework and Strategies. 

Suitable for everyone involved in Project Management from various industries. NEW MODULE.

PM02 (1 day)
Fundamental Methods for Quality Management
Kaedah Asas untuk Pengurusan Kualiti
The intent of this course is to give participants insight of the quality management system. It also introduces the
concept of process management and project management and highlights methodology of business process
improvement for organizations. Covering Quality Management System, Quality Management Process and
Approach, Quality Assurance and Control, Quality Management Tools, Quality Circle, ISO 9001:2015 Quality
Management System, Business Process Improvement and Six Sigma – A Quality Management Approach.

Suitable for everyone involved in Project Management from various industries. NEW MODULE.

PM03 (2 days)
Effective Project Scheduling Techniques and Cost Management
Teknik Penjadualan Projek dan Pengurusan Kos Berkesan
This course aims to impart basic knowledge of planning and scheduling projects. Participants will learn concepts of project management and its implication on construction projects. An introduction to EVMS and Project Monitoring and control will be an added advantage to this program. The second part of this training covers knowledge about pre and post-construction cost control and monitoring. Students will be imparted awareness about life cycle costing and value engineering. 

Suitable for everyone involved in Project Management from 
various industries. NEW MODULE.

Visual Communication

VC01 (1 day)
Visual Communication for Higher Productivity and Profits
Komunikasi Visual untuk Peningkatan Produktiviti dan Keuntungan

Visual communication skills are crucial for the 21st century effective and productive workforce. This course will cover
the fundamental tools in acquiring freehand visual communication skills for individuals and organisations; towards
better productivity and profits. Many ideas failed to be relayed effectively due to inability to master the visual
communication skills; being an integral item in the Thinking-Communication-Implementation process. From relaying
design intent from client to consultant, request from marketing to product design, reporting discrepancies from site to
design office, translating shop drawings from manufacturing supervisor to factory workers; it is important that the
relayed message is correct 100%. 

This is a general training for both industry professionals and students. NEW MODULE.

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