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Company Profile

About Innovacia

Innovacia, a member of MATRADE (No. 33982), serves professional and educational users from both government and private sectors with affordable technical products and services.

Starting with IBS knowledge events way back in 2007, training is still our core business while being complemented by other supporting activities.

Innovacia is a HRDF Training Provider and a CIDB Accredited Training Provider (Pusat Latihan Bertauliah CIDB). We specialise in IBSxBIM and offer the following:

Our Value Propositions

We offer you:

  • Value for Money
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Global Competitiveness

Our Products and Services

  • CIDB IBS Professional Modules
  • Precast Concrete Design Workshop Part 1 & Part 2
  • IBS Shop Drawings Using CAD/BIM
  • BIM-based IBS Score Submission
  • Introduction to Business Excellence in Construction
  • Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2 (EC2)
  • Development of Android Mobile Apps & Database

  • Construction & Prefab / IBS Advisory
    (Product & Project Technical Assessment, Industry Research, Training Module Development)
  • Customised Software Development

  • binaTECH – Construction Technology & Living Trends Magazine
  • Customised Publications
  • Malaysian Construction News Compilation

  • TiffinBIM (Affordable CAD/BIM Software)
  • axdea (BIM-based IBS Score Calculator)
  • Innovacia Mobile (Construction & Other Productivity Apps)
  • Innovacia VR/AR (Virtual & Augmented Reality Solutions)

Our Partners