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Malaysian Construction News

Malaysian Construction Industry News Articles Page​

This page serves as a repository for news articles from mainstream news agencies which reports on Malaysia’s construction industry development. News are obtained from Bahasa Melayu and English language newspaper dating from 2011 to 2015. Articles are organised according to the respective topics such as issues addressed by the government towards the industry’s direction, government initiatives, highlighted buildings and products or services offered to the market by industry players.

Topics covered:

  • Industrialised Building System (IBS)
  • Green Technology
  • Housing

 Newspaper articles were obtained from:

  • New Straits Times
  • The Star
  • The Sun Daily
  • The Malay Mail
  • Berita Harian
  • Utusan Malaysia
  • Borneo Post Online

Industrialised Building System (IBS):

Green Technology:


Industrialised Building System (IBS):

Green Technology:


  • Dates in some documents may not be in chronological order.
  • Articles were grouped according to newspaper and were taken directly from their respective websites.
  • Website links for each news article is available inside each documents.
  • Some articles may be the same or appear similar on other newspapers.
  • Some news articles may cover only snippets of a topic from the full article. Click on the link to the article in the document to read the full article